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He takes her to a jewelry store to buy a proper wedding ring but the ring she picks is far out of George's price range. A flashback reveals a heavily pregnant Angie agreed to take the money from Benny so she and George could live on their own. This results in the Secret Service coming to George's house to ask about the President's speech, but George doesn't admit to stealing it, but Jack forces George to cut his hair or he will show the camera footage of George taking the speech. In another effort to make it up to her, George convinces her into having their wedding vows renewed. But George comes to find out that Angie has not told him the whole story about this former boyfriend.

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Then Max thought she saw her look back and wink at him just then he blew a giant load onto the wall. George and Angie apply for a loan for Carmen's private school, they discover that they have bad credit. Then one kid starts beating up Max for believing in Santa. Garza March 8, With Carmen and Jason grounded for throwing a party at Jason's and getting arrested, neither is able to do much. Comments 9 Share what you think. Manny comes to visit him and talk to him about why he left.

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With Carmen and Jason grounded for throwing a party at Jason's and getting arrested the latter of which wasn't their fault , neither is able to do much. When Angie takes the entire family to look at the mural, only to find out it will soon be torn down, its true origin becomes known. George and Angie to take her into their home which George is against at first, but in the end takes her in. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists. George reveals Max has been boxing, and Max goes to a tournament. Said Mayor later shows up to tell George not to impersonate him; in truth, George only came up with the name on the spot, not actually knowing Antonio existed.
However, Benny refuses to speak to him due to her losing a bet with him. When he assumes his son's identity to protect him from what he suspects is an internet predator, George comes face to face offline with Freddie Moreno Freddie Prinze Jr. She just thought it was importantly to have the love of the guy. But George is the first to see through Ray's scheme when Ray asks Veronica to tap into her inheritance to invest in a new company. Instead of George punishing Max for peeking, he punishes Carmen for spraying Max's eye. In the end, Carmen and Jason get back together, and Max barely passes the state test. Kristin Lehman 49 Full Frontal.
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